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PLC Trainer Advanced

PLC Trainer Advanced
PLC Trainer Advanced
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Product Code : PCST-14
Product Description

PLC Trainer Advanced

Item Code: PCST-14
PLC Programming Trainer Kit gives an idea regarding the basics of Programmable Logic Controllers & its applications.

System Specifications:

  • Micrologix 1200: 1762-L24 BWA.
  • 14 Digital input / 10 Digital outputs.
  • 2 Analogue input/2 Analogue output 1762-1f20f2.
  • 24VDC, 1.5A Power source. 4" X 2" X 2"
  • I/P- O/P LED indication on front panel.
  • PC interface facility. PC-PLC interfacing cable1761-CBL-PM02
  • Necessary I/p-O/p simulating devices.
  • Ladder diagram programming on PC.RS LOGIX 500 STARTER.
  • SCADA SOFTWARE connectivity for PLC.(optional)
  • Electrical control panel for simulation of digital inputs (switches 4 no.& proximity sensors 2no, miniature level switch 1no.)
  • Front panel for display of digital output status: Lamps (2no.), LED INDICATORS (4no.), small AC electric motor(1no.), solenoid valve 1no.
  • PLC panel dimensions: 1.5Ft. X 1.5Ft. X 1.5Ft. With visible transparent front facia.
  • High speed Frequency input for optical encoder moduleJ260-58-AN-R-HVLD 360-V3-10-1-S-EG. (Optional).
  • High speed PWM output for Stepper motor module 42SH33-4AM (optional).
  • Level measurement (CPT) using PLC with water level control module. (Optional).
  • Inductive/ proximity limit switches (digital inputs) MFPS_Q12 for Water level, position Sensing relay outputs (digital outputs) in lift simulator & bottle filling plant module (Motor: ACM60, 10W, 230VAC.)
  • Optical sensor 1no. for position.
  • Output compatibility to Solenoid valves, Electric motors as actuating elements in respective assorted modules.

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